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On these pages you'll find our archived Vlogs, interviews, online video, virtual meeting, online video training presenting 'Top Tips' and links to clips we Tweet about @PressPlayPres and news updates on our Facebook Page and  YouTube Channel @ Lottie Hearn Video Coach - please do come and Play with us there!

Below, you find a combination of scripted to camera pieces, impromptu interviews and in-studio clips to come so you can see for yourself which you prefer and what will work for you. They are not all perfect in every way, as that's the nature of picking up your camera and grabbing an opportunity, and even I have habits I need to work on and remind myself after watching and listening back! But the more you practise the more confident you become and the better your clips will be.

To get a real feel for what I mean, grab your notepad, look and listen to these clips - decide how they can help you improve your web videos, web-cam or VC presenting by thinking for yourself:

  1. "What do I specifically like in a clip - visuals, vocals, verbals - what can I use for me?"
  2. "What do I find distracting - what can I do even better, what do I need coaching on?"
  3. "What do I like most of all - confidence, charisma, credibility - what do I need to work on myself?"

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Press Play Video Coach - HK 3 OB: Test Lighting demo pre filming

At Press Play Presentations - we are not only going to show you our "properly filmed" clips - we may throw in the odd test clip, like ... Expand video and read more


Always shoot a lighting test prior to filming to check you have the best light for you and your guests

Press Play Video Coach - HK 4 OB: Sounds to watch out for

This next clip in our Hong Kong series shows you what to look out for from 'background sounds' when filming outside ... Expand video and read more


Be aware of OB 'background' sounds and noises - find the quiet place to film.

Keep going even if there are noises off!

Press Play Video Coach - HK 5 OB Interview: Sanjay Mahtani, global import & export industry

While in HK we shot a couple of impromptu interviews to check how companies are using video in the Far East. The first is with Sanjay Mahtani, the Managing Director of Mantra Toys & Premiums who is one of HK's highest-flying businessmen. He comes from ... Expand video and read more


Web videos are "no longer a luxury... they are a necessity" - so plan, budget your investment to get trained and get production advice today!

Press Play Video Coach – HK 6 OB: Get through it with Confidence

You write most of your scripts for your video clips, you are the expert in your field, you know what you want to say... So why do we let ourselves get flustered and forget the lines? These are the things we talk about with our customers and clients every day! Top tips to look confident on ... Expand video and read more


Keep going no matter what...

 Stuff up with Confidence... and GET OVER IT!

Press Play Video Coach - HK 7 OB: Video Wrap up tips with the 3 C's

This is our wrap up video of our 'Hong Kong video presenting tips' series at the end of the day - in extreme close up no less! Hey if I can get on camera wrinkles and all, stuffing up with confidence and enjoying myself, so can anyone - all it takes is having the video camera with you, a short script and the guts to just do it. As we used to say training budding TV presenters and corporates with TV Pro in Australia - the three key ... Expand video and read more


You have to have a go to develop Confidence, Credibility & Charisma

And you are allowed to enjoy yourself on camera!

Press Play Video Coach – HK 8 OB: Interview on benefit of training to use Video Coferencing

Our second HK interview is with Simon Broad the owner of Bramp International, global trainers of such financial giants as HSBC and other blue-chip worldwide organisations that regularly use Video Conferencing (VC) for training and meetings. While most of his clients use VC often, Simon has identified gaps in video presentation skills training for corporates ... Expand video and read more


If you are Video Conferencing on a regular basis - invest in training on how to use VC more effectively to get the results you want!


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