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On these pages you'll find our archived Vlogs, interviews, online video, virtual meeting, online video training presenting 'Top Tips' and links to clips we Tweet about @PressPlayPres and news updates on our Facebook Page and  YouTube Channel @ Lottie Hearn Video Coach - please do come and Play with us there!

Below, you find a combination of scripted to camera pieces, impromptu interviews and in-studio clips to come so you can see for yourself which you prefer and what will work for you. They are not all perfect in every way, as that's the nature of picking up your camera and grabbing an opportunity, and even I have habits I need to work on and remind myself after watching and listening back! But the more you practise the more confident you become and the better your clips will be.

To get a real feel for what I mean, grab your notepad, look and listen to these clips - decide how they can help you improve your web videos, web-cam or VC presenting by thinking for yourself:

  1. "What do I specifically like in a clip - visuals, vocals, verbals - what can I use for me?"
  2. "What do I find distracting - what can I do even better, what do I need coaching on?"
  3. "What do I like most of all - confidence, charisma, credibility - what do I need to work on myself?"

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Can I present my own Web Videos?

You want to create your videos, but don't have the confidence to present them yourself, or you're not sure if you are good enough to do so? Well, here's easy help to help you find out that yes, you are! Our Video Assessment service gives you expert advice - what works for you, any distracting habits you might have and easy solutions to improve your presenting. Simply email to Book an Assessment... ... Expand video and read more


1. Look at the webcam or smartphone camera lens, not at yourself on the screen

2. Chat as if talking to a real person, enjoy yourself - SMILE!

3. Keep Vmails short & sweet!


Press Play + VuvieMedia at Dublin Web Summit 2011

Press Play Presentations were at the Dublin Web Summit 2011 and grabbed the opportunity to interview a number of experts in their field about why having videos on websites and online is becoming so important for business today. Production partners Janet Beck of Vuvie Media, explains ... Expand video and read more


"Video online can say a thousand words"

- Janet Beck, Founder & MD of Vuvie Media web video production company & PPP Production Partners

Press Play + Digiweb at Dublin Web Summit 2011

Digiweb were one of the main sponsors at the Dublin Web Summit 2011. Kevin Jauncey, Director of Digiweb kindly gave Press Play some time to discuss why video engages an audience on sites from ... Expand video and read more


"Video is very easy to use... so very effective... quality is key"

- Kevin Jauncey, Director Digiweb

Press Play + Red Oak Tax Refunds at Dublin Web Summit 2011

John O'Connor, MD & Founder of Red Oak Tax Refunds talks at the DWS 2011 about how his company currently use video on their website. John shares how videos can increase conversions and benefit business ... Expand video and read more


"Training is part of the presentation of your business... you want to present you in the best manner."

- John O'Connor, MD Red Oak Tax Refunds Ireland

Press Play Video Coach - HK 1 OB: Web Video tips for OBs intro

On a recent trip to Hong Kong I met up with clients and colleagues I last worked with back in the 1990s, when I was working for ATV World as the female Channel voice, Channel script & promo writer and was the face of Kids TV on daily shows like "Tube Time" and creating TV shows ... Expand video and read more


OB = Outside Broadcast in TV lingo.

If it is a lovely day - go OB & shoot away!

Press Play Video Coach - HK 2 OB: Lighting tips

When filming an OB, look for the best, most even lighting you can on the face of the speaker or speakers. This clip shows ... Expand video and read more


Get lighting right - aim for an even light on your face, with you in the spotlight


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