Can I present my own Web Videos?

To book your Video Presenter Assessment connect via email to book in -
Next you Video Email us a short 30 second to 1 minute video via smartphone or Vmail. I review your video, repeatedly & intently, to provide an individual, specific assessment for you - looking at the Visual, Vocal and Verbal impact you have on video. We also advise on your potential as 'the face' on video, voice-over & viewer perception, so you can flex your style to target the audience you want to reach and create better business impact with your videos.

This LinkedIn Link & Vmail explains all about our online web video presenter assessment - a bargain global service for every video presenter.

The number one tip for creating your Video for the assessment is talk to the camera as if you are talking to a person - hold the eye contact and have fun chatting with a smile!


If you're not sure what is a Vmail - have a look at this free link: What is Eyejot and how do I use it?




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