Press Play Video Coach - HK 7 OB: Video Wrap up tips with the 3 C's

Here's our wrap up video of our 'Hong Kong video presenting tips' series - in extreme close up no less! Hey if I can get on camera wrinkles and all and enjoy myself, so can anyone - just have the video camera with you, a short script and the guts to do it.

As we used to say training budding TV presenters and corporates with TV Pro in Australia - the three key ingredients are:

We DO all have all three hidden in us somewhere - we have to be willing to share them... on camera! The more you practise putting them out there, the more successful you will be presenting your web videos. So go grab your video camera, write a short piece you can deliver to camera - 15 to 20 seconds can be enough - get outside, check your lighting and sourrounding sound and have a go. And you are allowed to have some fun!

When you film your pieces-to-camera or 'PTCs' - send us a link. Or if you want to chat about training options - face to face in Ireland or Europe, or via Video mails (Vmails via Eyejot), web-cams & Skype - Contact us.

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