Press Play Video Coach – HK 6 OB: Get through it with Confidence

You write most of your scripts for your video clips, you are the expert in your field, you know what you want to say...

So why do we let ourselves get flustered and forget the lines? These are the things we talk about with our customers and clients every day!

Top tips to look confident on camera and overcome those nerves, even if you are losing the lines & no matter what's going on around you - hold that eye contact with your viewer through the camera lens, trust your own brain to remember, BREATHE and KEEP GOING! 

Even if it's not perfect and things are not exactly as you'd like, have the guts to get through to the end rather than stopping yourself mid way. Your personality can shine through and you will get the core message across.

We will happily forgive a human making small mistakes, because we all do it and the shot you stuff up in may be the most natural, real, 'connected' take you shoot.

As I always say: "Stuff up with Confidence... and GET OVER IT!"

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