Press Play Video Coach - HK 1 OB: Web Video tips for OBs intro

On a recent trip to Hong Kong I met up with clients and colleagues I last worked with back in the 1990s, when I was working for ATV World as the female Channel voice, Channel script & promo writer and was the face of Kids TV, on daily shows like "Tube Time" and creating TV shows... I was also freelancing presenting, dubbing TV shows, voicing adverts & products, corporate & training video voice-overs, writing scripts, performing and directing shows for theatre & tours, drama coaching and voicing books and toys for everyone from the Hong Kong & Chinese Governments to "Gogo Loves English"book series and Tom & Jerry toys! It was a wonderful learning experience of having to get out there and do it in such a fast paced world and it was fantastic to be back in Honk Kong - amazing memories flooding back...

We only had one nice day of weather while there, so I grabbed the chance to shoot some footage by the pool with the perfect view - an amazing juxtaposition of nature and high-rises right in the centre of HK Island.

Now, at Press Play Presentations - we are not only going to show you our "professionally filmed" videos, perfectly produced and edited in studio with our Partners - we'll throw in impromptu, DIY filmed clips, like this series in Hong Kong. So enjoy!

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