Press Play Video Coach - HK 3 OB: Test Lighting demo pre filming

At Press Play Presentations - we are not only going to show you our "properly filmed" clips - we may throw in the odd test clip, like... this quick lighting test for our interviews in Hong Kong.

The OB Lighting Tips video gives you a full run down of what to look for when choosing the best lit spot to shoot, but we've pout this one up to show how you can ACTUALLY TEST the lighting before you shoot.

Those of you with eagle eyes may see that we end up filming in a different place for the interviews... The light had changed later in the day and this spot was too much in the bright sunlight, so unsuitable for guests - we don't want them uncomfortable and squinting in the sun after all!

This is why it is so important to shoot a lighting test clip before you film - especially when it is sunny and uneven like here.


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