Press Play Video Coach - HK 5 OB Interview: Sanjay Mahtani, global import & export industry

While in HK we shot a couple of impromptu interviews to check how companies are using video in the Far East.

The first is with Sanjay Mahtani, the Managing Director of Mantra Toys & Premiums who is one of HK's highest-flying businessmen. He comes from... a hugely successful dynasty of top quality goods and gifts import & export traders across the globe. He was also one of my very first sponsers for all the toys, gifts and prizes we needed over the years for all my children's television programmes at ATV World - so one of my heros!

Sanjay is interested in new technology that can help him market and promote his business worldwide. With the oncoming wave of videos on company websites he is identifying how he can best use web videos in the near future, as is the trend in Asia.

In this interview he manages to talk over the background noise (!) and shares the benefits he can see in investing in the future of web videos within his industry and why it’s worth learning to present well as a web video presenter.

Mantra Intl are based in Kowloon, Hong Kong:  |  +852 2216 3863

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